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Vectorworks Fundamentals

Vectorworks® Fundamentals software gives you the freedom to design in your own way. With a streamlined set of tools, you can capture and develop your ideas all in one place. Intuitive, 2D/3D modeling capabilities, combined with best-in-industry, integrated rendering tools, will transform your design process and help you produce beautiful drawings and high-quality, professional documentation with ease. Explore what you can do with Vectorworks Fundamentals.


Vectorworks Fundamentals is an elegant, yet professional, CAD program. Unlike "lite" CAD programs, Vectorworks Fundamentals goes far beyond 2D. In addition to precision drafting, it offers flexible tools for 3D modeling that can help you create, present, and even manufacture your designs. Built-in database and worksheet capabilities help track costs and materials. A host of import/export formats makes file sharing easy. You also get FREE object libraries and a built-in scripting environment that automates routine tasks.

Creative 3D Modelling

Great design begins with exploration. Vectorworks Fundamentals therefore provides an advanced suite of Parasolid-based solids and NURBS surface tools that let you create any shape and easily explore geometry. Push, pull, blend, twist, sculpt, deform, or punch holes. With our intuitive interface, you can design from any 3D view using modes in modelling tools that automatically infer working planes as you move your cursor, and enjoy the superior quality that allows you to manipulate your model with ease. More accurate object information and better snapping make drawing in 3D easy. Create and explore any form.

Efficient & Flexible Workflows

Make quick work of any type of project. With Vectorworks Fundamentals, you can move easily from design concept to technical documentation. Work on practically any type of project within a flexible and robust digital environment. Start with any image, sketch, or formal iteration and move easily between 2D and 3D views in a unified working environment. Whether you're a sole practitioner collaborating with other professionals or working among different members of a team, Vectorworks provides a flexible way to manage productive workflows for even the most complicated project.

Seamless Interoperability

Exchange NURBS models with Rhino or concept models with a variety of modelling software packages. Support of both import and export of PDF, OBJ, Rhino 3DM, and STL file formats lets you explore the full range of design options by incorporating information from multiple sources, making sweeping changes quickly and easily.

Using several other common file formats, you can communicate effectively with your consultants and collaborators who may be other CAD software. Vectorworks Fundamentals offers support for exchanging 3D models and drawings using, DWG/DXF/DWF, C4D, FBX, COLLADA, and KML.

Integrated Rendering

Vectorworks Fundamentals includes Renderworks, the best-in-industry rendering feature set built on the award-winning Cinema 4D render engine. Renderworks provides the tools necessary to visualise your work throughout the design process while producing clear and accurate illustrations.

Customer-Focused for Your Success

Your relationship with us doesn't end when you download the software. That's just the beginning. We provide many channels for you to get the information, training, tech support and networking you need.

Proven Worldwide

We listen to our customers and use their feedback to create a product that continually exceeds expectations, delivering superior design flexibility and world-class graphics. Join the more than 400,000 professional designers worldwide who use Vectorworks.


Easy to Learn and Use

With Vectorworks Fundamentals, drawing on a computer screen is as easy as drawing with pencil and paper, and just as flexible – yet much more efficient. Vectorworks Smart Cursor™ technology replaces manual drafting tools and makes it easy find snap points, offsets and tangents, as well as draw precisely and quickly. You’ll immediately feel comfortable and be able to leverage your existing drafting knowledge to be up and running quickly. Plus, you’ll be amazed at the quality of your drawings.

A Complete Solution

Unlike most other CAD programs, Vectorworks Fundamentals offers a comprehensive range of 2D, 3D and production management capabilities that benefits all phases of the design process, saving you extra time and effort. With this one program, you can create all the detailed working drawings you need. You can also easily visualize your design in 3D and create animated walk-throughs.

Precision 2D Drafting

At the heart of Vectorworks Fundamentals is an uncomplicated drafting environment that makes creating complex drawings fast and easy. And Vectorworks Fundamentals provides graphic capabilities that you don’t typically find in CAD programs. You’ll have access to gradients, associative hatching, patterns and an editable colour palette, as well as the ability to import digital images, to name a few.


In addition, you’ll find 2D parametric constraints that allow you to maintain the relationship between 2D shapes. You’ll also find a full array of dimension tools that support common dimensioning standards, including ISO, ASME and DIN. You can even display imperial and metric values in the same dimension string.


And, because drawings are made up of more than just graphics, you’ll find powerful text and notation capabilities. Vectorworks Fundamentals allows you to choose any font, font size or font style, check your spelling and even extrude text into 3D.

Freeform 3D Modelling

With flexible NURBS surface and solid modelling tools, you’ll get advanced 3D functionality that previously could only be found in modelling programs costing much more. And, with 16-bit floating point precision, your models will be accurate and ready for analysis and manufacturing. Click here to learn more about Vectorworks 3D capabilities.

Intelligent Object Technology

You can interact with your design on an entirely new level with Vectorworks Fundamentals. Cutting-edge object technology—a feature typically reserved for programs that cost thousands more—makes it easy to create and change design elements without having to redraw them. It’s so easy that you can make complex design changes on the fly, in front of clients. And, because most objects in Vectorworks display in 3D as well as 2D, you’ll be automatically creating 3D models of the design as you draw.

Free Symbol Libraries

Vectorworks Fundamentals gives you access to thousands of symbols, hatch patterns, gradients and other resources at no extra charge. So there’s no need to purchase separate symbol libraries. Plus, you’ll find samples of the object libraries we ship with Vectorworks Architect, Vectorworks Landmark and Vectorworks Machine Design. You can also access third-party libraries or create your own objects.

Share Files Easily

With superior DXF/DWG translation, Vectorworks Fundamentals allows you to work with whatever and whomever you need to get the job done. We’re founding members of the Open Design Alliance,™ and we have a full team of engineers dedicated to ensuring DXF/DWG compatibility. We also support a number of graphic file formats, such as GIF, JPG, BMP, TIF and EPS, allowing you to easily import digital images into your designs and export your drawings to other graphics programs. Support for IGES, .SAT and .STL allows you to send Vectorworks models to 3D printers and rapid prototyping machines. Vectorworks Fundamentals also has the ability to produce high quality PDF files via the Publish or the Export PDF commands.

Automatic Track Costs and Materials

You don’t need a separate program to track your project’s costs and materials— Vectorworks Fundamentals will do it for you with built-in database and spreadsheet capabilities. You can easily attach data, such as manufacturer, size and part number, as well as order and pricing information, to objects in your drawing. You can access this information at any time during the design process and use it to generate editable schedules, parts lists and other reports. Because the information and drawings are linked, any changes to the design will automatically be updated in your paperwork.

Create High End Presentations

Not only does Vectorworks have all the tools you need to complete your project, but it can also help you sell the job. You can create high-quality renderings with dramatic lighting effects and make animated movies. Artistic rendering options allow you to choose from several soft, hand-sketched effects. You can also import digital photos and scanned images.

Unique page layout capabilities make it easy to create presentation boards and arrange multiple views of your design on a single drawing sheet. Each view, or “viewport,” can display its own scale, orientation, projection and rendering option.

Workgroup Referencing

It is easy to design in a team environment with Vectorworks Fundamentals. Team members can view the entire project but make edits only within their individual areas of responsibility. Then, final drawings are assembled by pulling together all the component drawings from your team.

Completely Customisable

A complete, self-contained development environment named VectorScript® is built right in. It’s straightforward enough to be used by a beginner, yet powerful enough for the most experienced CAD programmer. You can create everything from simple scripts that automate routine drafting tasks to full-blown commercial applications.

Dedicated Support

Vectorworks Fundamentals has a dedicated support system, so you have access to help in a variety of forms whenever you need it:

  • A comprehensive on-line help
  • 24-hour message boards
  • Free technical support


It is easy to see why Vectorworks is used by more than 400,000 designers and sold in more than 80 countries – no other software offers so much for so little. But Vectorworks Fundamentals affordability goes beyond the initial purchase price. You also get free technical support, affordable training, free updates and reasonably priced upgrades.

Integrated Rendering

All Vectorworks software packages include Renderworks, the best-in-industry rendering feature set built on the award-winning Cinema 4D render engine. Renderworks provides the tools necessary to visualize your landscape model throughout the design process while producing clear and accurate illustrations.